About Me

It was March 2010 when it happened. I was missing Mobile and eating some hot sauce at the same time. I was thinking about Mardi Gras and thinking about friends. 

I was also really enjoying a bowl of beans and rice and trying my best to burn hellfire into my mouth with a bottle of hot sauce that I bought at the store. 

I didn't think it suited the taste of the beans and rice as much as it could, so that started the pursuit of Joe Cain Hot Sauce. Something that had enough heat, but was pleasant to the tongue, belly, and mind. 

I was born and raised in Mobile, matriculated from Murphy High School c/o '89 and then Auburn University. I'm currently living in Frisco Texas and get back to Mobile as often as possible. I have hopes that Joe Cain Hot Sauce will bring me that way more often, and I am thankful to the extent that it already has. 

Somewhere between these events was an idea to both honor a Mobile tradition, and a Mobile legend. The need was there for a good flavorful sauce that was hot enough for a Mobilian to enjoy themselves with, but also designed and blended to bring out the best flavors of foods enjoyed below the salt line and along the Gulf Coast. It would have to pair well with fried foods, fresh shrimp and oysters, red beans and rice and for my sake packaged corn chips. 

Just because we like something spicy, doesn't mean we are looking for pain. We may be seekers of mirth, but we are not purely looking for sadistic infliction from our hot sauce. You and I are alike in that respect and we should feel superior to those who disagree. I like to sit with a bag of chips, carefully applying as much hot sauce as I can to each chip. A balancing act that provides pleasure and spills, both signs of life. 

I was working on a idea for a hot sauce that was hot enough to satisfy me, but not so painful that I wouldn't consider having a nip or two of the stuff when I felt the urge. Every once in a while, I can fight off a cold by just shooting the stuff straight. 

There was a need for something I could enjoy that would enhance yet not bury the food I love. I tried many sauces and variations before this was all settled upon, but alas we have come to this. Merrily. So, Joe Cain Hot Sauce had become a thing in my world. Something to eat with and share, something to honor Mobile, the city that gave America Mardi Gras, and something to honor that saint of Mirth, the First Folly to chase the devil round a stump, Ole Joe Cain. 

Ole Joe, demonstrated to all, that regardless of any current situation, we need to have fun and celebrate our existence. Even if soldiers are standing in the way, one should grab some old cow bells, various rakes and friends and then set out with drunk revelry in the streets. 

We need people like Joe Cain and we need to drink to him with good spirits, pepper sauce and a spirit that will not be defeated. 

 If I can help with anything feel free to contact me directly.

Contact Information 
Chad Bowers 
Phone: 817-223-3243